Family History Research

Researching your Family History?

We may be able to help by searching our archives for an ancestor with links to Brechin Cathedral.

The Cathedral welcomes enquiries from those researching their family history. People get in touch with us from all over the world, trying to find a record of their forebears in Brechin – either at the Cathedral Kirkyard, the local cemetery, or in the many historical minutes and records we hold in the Cathedral’s vaults.

We have volunteers who will be only too happy to help you with your search. Complete records of all who are buried in the Kirkyard are available. We also have records of infant Baptisms in Brechin, as well as Minute Books and church records dating back through the centuries in which family names can appear.

Please fill in the application form here – and we will supply you with the required information. We would appreciate a donation (now accepting donations via Paypal) to the ongoing work of the Cathedral, for the time and effort of our willing volunteers.

Please fill in the Family History Research Service Request Form

Thank you!

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