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On Sunday 15 May 2016, our Brechin Crossroads Storytellers (BCS) Drama Group performed for the Pentecost Family Service at Brechin Cathedral. As this was the third annual Pentecost performance we’ve done since 2014, it was proving a challenge to come up with a fresh idea for the theme! So this year our minister, Rev Dr Roderick Grahame, came up with the idea of a performance based on the story of Peter’s Vision (Acts 10:9-16). This piece of Scripture is historically important from a Christian perspective, because it represents the first step of the expansion of Christianity from a small Jewish sect, to become a world-wide religion.

But this short piece of Scripture took so much thought around how we could adapt it for a stage production. Firstly, the children didn’t understand the meaning of the story, and asked many questions about it. For example, why is Peter also called Simon? Why did Simon have to climb up on to the roof to pray (is he pretending to be Spiderman)? Why is some food considered to be impure and unclean? What is a trance? Who was the Centurion? What is meant by “alms”? What does righteous mean? And so on…

So, initially, this first stage of preparation took quite a bit of effort to get to grips with, and understand, the Scripture and the story.

The children were enthusiastic, and we produced some excellent ideas about how to overcome some of the challenges involved.
Iryna Ewart, Brechin Cathedral Storytellers

But the second, more practical part of working on the production was so much fun! The children were enthusiastic, and we produced some excellent ideas about how to overcome some of the challenges involved. For example, how to make the roof for Peter? (Creatively – we used Roderick’s pulpit!). How to make Heaven open up and the sheet come down? From where and how should the animals appear? We also made some cool armour from cardboard boxes for the Centurion and his men.

It’s worth noting that we didn’t have to buy any props or costumes. They were mostly handmade from recycled material and from what we already had. For the animals, the children used the ‘onesies’ from their wardrobes, and as you can see from the pics above and below, it worked a treat!

Overall, the show was thoughtful, creative, not too complicated, and much fun for everyone! Both the children and the audience appreciated it quite enthusiastically. After the Pentecost service, as is our tradition, we enjoyed toasted marshmallows outside in the church yard, and were blessed with some warm Scottish sunshine.

Mrs Iryna Ewart
Youth Drama Worker
Brechin Cathedral (Church of Scotland)

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