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Brechin Cathedral

The Cathedral is a popular venue for weddings, not least due to it’s ancient aesthetic beauty and idyllic setting. We are happy to be your church of choice if you live in our parish, or much further afield. We can help you craft a service that has both dignity and life, and is a celebration of God’s love in your life, with your partner.

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of getting married at the Cathedral, please feel free to get in touch, by emailing our Minister or using the Contact form.


Cathedral Requirements – things to do:-

Initially, the couple should make contact directly with the Minister either by phone or
email. (Tel : 01674 677126 or email : Following this the
Cathedral office will provisionally reserve the Cathedral for the wedding.

As soon as the date and time of the wedding have been fixed with BOTH the Cathedral
office and the Minister, a deposit of £50 will then be required to formally book the
Cathedral. (This deposit is refundable up to 3 months prior to the date of the wedding
and should be paid directly to the Cathedral Office.)


The Kirk Session has decided on a donation of £300 for the use of the Cathedral for
each wedding. Taxpayers can complete the gift aid declaration form enclosed if they
wish, so that the Cathedral can claim 20% gift aid from the Inland Revenue on this sum.

In addition, there is a fee of £50.00 for the Church Officer in attendance and a fee of
£60.00 for the Organist. Total cost £410. There is no fee for the services of the

The Cathedral fee balance of £250 must be paid directly to the Minister, along with
the fees for the Organist and the Church Officer on the evening of the Wedding
rehearsal. Contractual Law permits NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule. The contracts for the
provision of music and the cleanliness/availability of the Cathedral is with the Organist
& Church Officer DIRECTLY.

The Minister should be sent a draft Order of Service before hymn sheets are printed.
(The Cathedral will gladly make hymn books available for use if requested.)

The use of a professional Videographer is permitted. Please let the Minister know, in
advance, if this is your wish. However, please advise your guests that the use of
personal camcorders and cameras are not permitted during the service. If the service is
to be filmed or recorded on video, the Organist fee MUST be doubled to £120 for copyright reasons.

The arranging of flowers for the wedding is the responsibility of the Bride’s family and
Mrs Lynn Hawke, the Cathedral’s Flower Convenor, (Tel: 01356 625017) should be
informed of any arrangements made.

Please note that at the current time there are NO PROPOSALS within the Church
of Scotland for the conduct of so-called “gay marriage”.

Legal Requirements – Things to do:-

1. Contact should be made with the Registrar, four to six weeks before the date of
the marriage. (Not later than TWENTY EIGHT days) – * PLEASE NOTE This is Commensurate with NEW LEGISLATION which takes affect from 1st March, 2015 *
2. The following documents must be submitted to the Registrar:
a) Both birth certificates
b) If a person has been previously married, a copy of the decree of divorce
or annulment.
c) If the person is a widow or widower, the death certificate of the former
3. Having submitted the necessary documents, the Registrar will inform you when
to call back for the Marriage Schedule.
4. This Schedule should be brought to the Church on the day of the wedding
rehearsal, and be handed to the Minister.
5. Within three days of the ceremony, the Marriage Schedule, fully completed,
must be returned to the Registrar from whom it was obtained, who will then
issue a Certificate of Marriage.

Certain modifications in the above arrangements have to be made in the event of Parties
residing outwith the United Kingdom. The Registrar will advise in such cases.

Useful Addresses and Telephone Numbers:-

Brechin Cathedral
Church Office
6 Church Street
Tel: 01356 629360

Cathedral Fees
A deposit of £50 is required at the time of formal reservation. This is refundable up to 3 months before the wedding. Payment should be made to the Cathedral office. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Brechin Cathedral’. Receipts will be issued.
Reservation Deposit £ 50.00

Now accepting Wedding Deposits via Paypal

Pay £50 Wedding Deposit


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