BCS Drama – Easter Performance – “Oh Happy Day”

What is Easter About?

The children from the BCS Drama Groups performed on the 25th March 2018 in the Cathedral Hall.

Many children said that Easter is all about chocolate eggs, bunnies, chickens, holidays and fun for everyone!

Is this right?

Is this the reason why our schools are closed for two weeks and everyone in the world celebrates Easter? All because of chocolate and bunnies?

Well… here is the real reason we should be celebrating Easter:

According to Christian beliefs, Son of God Jesus Christ died on the cross for all of us. Why did that happen? This was the plan from the very beginning, so all the people in all the nations around the world would be saved. He was sacrificed for our sins, died and then was resurrected on the 3rd day. This gave to the people the great gift of forgiveness of their sins. But why do we need to be forgiven? Sometimes, during our lives, because we are human, we make mistakes and wrong choices. And we are forgiven so that after our life here on Earth we can be with God in his Kingdom, we are all his children and that’s what he wants.

Jesus Christ gave us the most generous and kind gift of everlasting life. We celebrate HIS life and our everlasting life, and it’s a very very HAPPY DAY!

So, this is really why we celebrate Easter.

Thank you to a wonderful audience for their participation and as always a very special thanks to the children, their parents and family, and to the helpers and for a warm welcome from the congregation. The children had a lovely time during their party afterwards.

Love from Iryna

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