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The BCS Drama Holiday Club Finale Performance was held at Brechin Cathedral on Sunday 16th August 2015 during the Family Service. The theme for the show centred around the story of St. Paul and his journeys. Ten children from the Brechin Cathedral Storytellers Club showed off their talents to the delight of an enthralled congregation! The children (18 in total) had already spent a fun-filled week at the Holiday Club in the Cathedral Hall which included rehearsals for the show, cooking, crafts, drama, outdoor games, singing and story-telling.

The atmosphere at the Holiday Club was one of relaxing fun, excitement and creativity. The children and adults all enjoyed themselves very much. Special thanks to everyone who helped to make the week such a big success including: Beryl and Irene who organised the crafts and cooking, Joanne who was very busy in the kitchen serving snacks for the children, Roderick for delivering some fascinating stories, Andy for some amazing outdoor games, Linda who made the children sing like birds, Douglas White for taking photos and of course to our congregation who provided all the delicious food and goodies 🙂

I also want to thank those working behind the scenes, you know who you are. But let’s not forget the parents and the wonderful children who took part!

It was a pleasure and a joy working with you all.

Iryna 🙂

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