Mark Kolt – Music Concert – 26 Feb 2017

Canadian Composer Mark Kolt is coming to Brechin and has kindly agrreed to put on a concert for us in the Brechin Cathedral in aid of the music fund.

Concert to be held on Sunday 26th Feb 2017 at 3:00pm.

Mark Kolt

Mark Kolt and his wife Crystal

Mark Kolt is a composer, and a player of keyboard and many bowed string in-struments from all over the world.   He lives in the small mining community of Flin Flon, in the Canadian province of Manitoba.   As a young man, he ob-tained a Bachelor of Music degree in Winnipeg, Manitoba’s capital city,  and worked full time as a pianist for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers.   He also won a number of Canadian songwriting awards, including at the Granby Quebec Festival for French popular song.   

In his 30’s, after obtaining a law degree and getting administrative training,  he moved from Winnipeg to Flin Flon and has worked there in the municipal office since 1995, and for the last 11 years as Chief Administrative Officer.   However, his love of music persists.   Mark and his wife Crystal together with many local collaborators (including his friend and violin maker Alistair Callegari from Edzell),  have helped Flin Flon become a very culturally active community belying its small size and relative isolation.  The Flin Flon Community Choir, which they founded, has performed with Symphony Orchestras in Canada and the United States,  including a performance at Lincoln Center and two performances at Carnegie Hall in New York City.    Mark has written songs, original choral pieces, choral and band arrangements, and two full length musical theatre works, which have been performed in Flin Flon and in Winnipeg.   He is also musical director for Johnny’s Social Club, a Flin Flon venue presenting new programs of musical theatre and songs in a variety of musical styles every month.
Mark has had a lifelong interest in history, culture and Christian spirituality, and looks forward to the recital at Brechin Cathedral very much.   As an organist, he has done service music for several denominations, including Anglican, United Church of Canada (a joint group of Canadian Presbyterian and Methodist congregations) and Roman Catholic churches in Winnipeg and Flin Flon.    Mark’s specialty is improvisation, in a variety of classical and popular music styles, and he tries to work this into performances whenever he can.   In particular, he has repeatedly done musical events in art galleries, musically responding to the art works around him.   For the organ recital in Brechin, Mark encourages members of the audience to bring favorite photographs or art work reproductions, and Mark will create improvised musical impressions of the visual pieces in question.    The photographs or art works could represent people, things, landscapes, or be completely abstract in nature.   Family albums and art books are welcome.  Mark appreciates a challenge, so don’t hold back….
Mark wishes to thank his friend Alistair Callegari for his generous hospitality in hosting Mark’s stay in Scotland, and is pleased to assist Brechin Cathedral in its efforts to preserve Scottish history and culture and maintain a faith com-munity in these changing times.  


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