Polar Explorers Holiday Club 2015

Polar Explorers Holiday Club, Andover Primary School, Brechin July 2015

Primary children from P1-P6 enjoyed four days of fun based around the Scripture Union Holiday material, Polar Explorers. Each day the children were in teams of explorers and took part in two workshops or ‘camps’ where a variety of activities were undertaken, including ,crafts, cooking, drama, music, and outdoor games .The children were introduced to the idea that no-one is too anything to be part of God’s big expedition and children learned about four disciples who were friends of Jesus.

Each day began with singing and a session with Sir Random Finds and Barefoot making their way through a snowy wilderness. Later on a further humorous play followed four adventurers across the polar wastes, including Great Scott, Fay Mears, Helen Helter Skelter and a scientist the group is trying to reach .

Over thirty volunteers from the churches in Brechin supervised the event and parents joined their youngsters on the last morning for the finale of the drama, music and a tasty lunch.

It is hoped similar events will be held in the near future .

Watch this space.


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