Brechin Cathedral OrganThe organ was built in 1878 by Peter Conacher of Huddersfield (very early for a non-city church) and was placed against the east wall, which then separated the church from the ruins of the chancel. In 1900 the organ was dismantled to allow that wall to be removed and the new chancel built. The organ was put in a specially designed west gallery, being re-erected with tubular-pneumatic action by John Millar of Dundee. As originally placed in the gallery, the organ presented a long row of display pipes, which completely blocked the west window; in 1927 it was divided either side of the window, with a central console by Ernest Lawton of Aberdeen.

In 1969, Rushworth and Dreaper undertook a complete re-actioning, with a new console and a reversion towards the original brighter Conacher voicing including the restoration of the Great Trumpet, earlier silenced in favour of a second diapason. In 2006, more work was completed by John Lightbown and Sons of Northumberland including new mixtures on Great and Swell, a Swell fifteenth and adjustment of wind pressures on Great and Swell. The organ is presently maintained by John Lightbown and Sons.

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